• Defion International and Off Duty Officers Provide 24-Hour Security

    If you have an office building, a shopping mall, or other place of business that needs extra security, hiring a private security company may be the best option. It's not enough to hire an out-of-shape security guard who sits around all day and only scans the perimeter periodically. Crime often occurs when people are not paying attention, and inattention can lead to disaster. It's critical to get a reliable private security company that can provide 24-hour protection at an affordable price.

    Off Duty Officers is a private security company

    Off Duty Officers is a private security provider based in Chicago, IL. Its security guards are sworn police officers, so the business owner doesn't have to worry about getting into a fight with the officers, and the private security firm can help ensure the safety of the property and its customers. These private security guards are highly trained and experienced, and they can effectively deter potential intruders.

    Defion Internacional is a private security company

    Defion Internacional is based in Lima, Peru. The company recruits military, administrative, logistic, and professional service personnel for companies throughout the world. While it is known for its security services, Defion also hires personnel outside of the security industry, including medical and language instructors. If you're wondering what Defion does, read on to learn more about the company's history and its services.

    AlliedBarton is a private security company

    AlliedBarton Security Services is a private security company founded in 1957. The company operates in North America and has 120 district and regional offices. Its services include providing security guards and janitorial services. The combined company will have an annual revenue of $4.5 billion. AlliedBarton's headquarters are located in Santa Ana, Calif. The company has offices in New York City, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles.

    Securitas is a private security company

    Securitas is a private, international security company that has grown through acquisitions. Its history is based on ethics and a commitment to providing a superior level of security to its clients. In 1984, the company bought SEA, a privately-owned security company with headquarters in the United Kingdom. The company then separated into five main business areas: Security Services, Security Systems, Direct, and Cash Handling Services. The restructuring was done in order to meet the company's goals for growth. By 2005, it was projected that sales would reach SKr 69 billion.

    GardaWorld is a private security company

    GardaWorld is a global risk management and security services company. The company specializes in physical security solutions, specialised services, and end-to-end cash management. It employs more than 3,000 people and serves a diverse client base in over 100 countries. In addition to security and risk management, GardaWorld also provides specialized training and crisis response services. Read on to learn more about this Canadian-based company.

    GardaWorld has 170 years of experience

    The private security firm recently merged with New York-based NYA, a risk management consultancy. Together, they have the largest crisis intervention teams in the world. CEO Stephan Cretier is a former Bank of America executive who founded GardaWorld in 1996. In 2015, GardaWorld was recapitalized for C$5.2 billion, the largest private buyout in Canadian history. GardaWorld and NYA will now operate as Crisis24, a division of the New York-based company.

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